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Your Favorite NonFiction BDSM Books


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Your Favorite NonFiction BDSM Books


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Your Favorite NonFiction BDSM Books

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By Sam Killerman, It’s Pronounced Metrosexual Note: some definitions here may include words you aren’t familiar with, or have been taught a flawed or incomplete definition for; I’ve likely defined those words somewhere else in the list, but if I missed one bring it up in the comments below.  Also, be sure to correct me […]

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  An Article Modified for A Submissive’s Initiative By Sir Ronin Payne, on Fetlife as -HouseofPayne Since one of my first sexual experiences was with a girl that was more than a gusher, I have been interested in female ejaculation. There is nothing more flattering than an earful of screaming ecstasy and scratches on my […]

By Tequila Rose If you haven’t heard the name Michael Makai, then you’re either really, really new to the lifestyle or you’ve been living underneath a rock. Makai has made a huge splash in the lifestyle with his amazing books. Seriously, if you haven’t  picked up one of his books, I highly suggest you do […]

The cane is probably the implement most associated with Corporal Punishment. There is something very emotive about this traditional, English disciplinary tool. Part of the cane’s mysticism was the ritual and theater associated with its application – which was as much about psychological torment and fear as it was the actual beating. Making the condemned […]

  Everywhere we look it’s easy to find resources and material on all different aspects of BDSM relationships–and the play involved within and outside of them.  But what about the daily life beyond the collar?  Understanding the everyday things involved with being a submissive or slave can help the relationship to reach its potential, and […]

  “I am new to being a sub and considering my first actual dom/sub relationship. I have had a similar dynamic once before although it was never labeled as such. This time around my dom is interested in “ownership” which is a new concept to me all together. I don’t know much about bdsm besides […]

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