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  Everywhere we look it’s easy to find resources and material on all different aspects of BDSM relationships–and the play involved within and outside of them.  But what about the daily life beyond the collar?  Understanding the everyday things involved with being a submissive or slave can help the relationship to reach its potential, and […]

  “I am new to being a sub and considering my first actual dom/sub relationship. I have had a similar dynamic once before although it was never labeled as such. This time around my dom is interested in “ownership” which is a new concept to me all together. I don’t know much about bdsm besides […]

  Written by So, my partner and I do not use titles when we play together, but as pro-dommes we do both use titles professionally, and if you’re the sort of person who enjoys them, well then you should go straight ahead and use them.  If you want to be called “El Super King” […]

Originally posted as “The Restrained Elegance Lexicon of Slavegirl Positions” Reposted from Restrained Elegance with exclusive permissions. Please note that while it is written in the style of a pompous 1950’s textbook, the lexicon is something Ariel and I made up as a diverting entertainment for ourselves and for members of the site. It’s written […]

Saturday morning I woke up so nauseous with excitement and anxiety I honestly thought I would have to run to the bathroom at any moment. I walked around the house getting ready to leave for Spanksgiving in St. Louis holding my stomach and whining to Daddy “I am soooo nervous!” See, a few weeks ago […]

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal has become unavoidable.  It is literally everywhere on the internet, television and, of course, on the radio. If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a timeline by Global News of accusations and evidence against the former radio show host. Since he was let go by CBC, the scandal has started […]

  by Mumman Mark, reposted with exclusive permission For years I have sought to endure a stringent, completely immobilizing, full-coverage sensory-deprived mummification for 12 hours, as I have alluded to in a previous article when I was able to go for 11 hours. Encouraged by that session, I got similarly attired for the armchair mummification, […]

Copyright  Raven Kaldera, shared with exclusive permission. In this day and age, and especially in this country that I live in, there is a great deal of ambivalent and conflicted feeling about one human being serving another in a formal and negotiated submissive role. Most of us claim to hate the idea of having our […]

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