Green = Safe Zones

Yellow = risk zones:Use caution when directly hitting these area or how frequently you hit these areas.

Red = Danger areas: Avoid direct hits to these areas.

Purple circles = Critical Areas: In no event shall these areas receive direct blows or sustain any direct or prolonged pressure. These areas are key to blood circulation, nervous or major joints.

1.Educate Yourself About the Body! There are some parts of the body that you should avoid spanking at all times. Hitting these parts of the body can result in extensive, and sometimes fatal damage (see the red and purple areas above)

-Kidneys: The kidneys are located in the area of the back between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the butt.

-Tailbone: The tailbone is located at the base of the spine, it can be cracked or broken if hit.

-Hips: The sides of the bum and along the bony part of the hips, where several nerves are located.

-Spine: The spine, along the back, has several small bones that can be cracked or bruised.

-Neck: The neck is a very sensitive area where many major arteries, tendons, glands, and lymph nodes are located, not to mention the larynx, and should never be hit!

-Face: Although face slapping and other impacts to the face are sometimes seen it is best to avoid hitting this area of the body. There are many sensitive areas (sinuses, eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc) that can be easily damaged and those injuries could be permanent!

-Ears: Hitting someone on the ears can cause permanent damage to their hearing or sense of balance.


2.Use a safe word or safe signal. A safe word is established so that the action can be stopped instantly should anything go wrong. Before play, choose a word that is unlikely to normally be said during your play session, such as “ocean” or “red light”. It should be agreed that the safe word will only be used in serious situations and at all times the action will stop immediately if it is said by either party. A safe signal is used in situations where a word cannot be spoken, such as when the submissive is gagged or is wearing a hood. Sometimes you could use a specific series of grunts, or it may be possible to hang on tightly to a bell and dropping it would be the safe signal. If for any reason a safe word gets used during your play session, stop the session immediately, remove any restraints, gags, hoods, etc., and find out why the safe word was used. Sometimes it’s best to take a time out and discuss just what went wrong. You might decide to continue with the play after the problem’s been solved or you might decide to continue the play another time.


3) Only spank or be spanked in a relationship of absolute trust. In a trusting relationship, it is possible for either partner to stop the action, regardless of their reason, at any time with the use of a safe word or safe signal. A Dominant should trust that the submissive will use the safe word if things are going too far. As well, a dominant should be alert to their submissive’s reactions and willing to stop the action if they suspect things are not going as they should. Sometimes submissives are hesitant to use their safe words, but in some cases you could find yourself in a situation where they can’t use the safe word. The Dominant must be on the look out for danger signals because the person being spanked often loses the ability to know when things are going too far.

4) Establish hard limits before play. It is best to discuss limits with your partner before you start playing. A hard limit is an activity that you designate as off-limits. For spankings, a limit may be necessary due to a physical problem, such as an old injury, and for others there may be a mental or emotional reason for certain limits. Everyone has limits that must be respected in order to preserve their well being and a Dominant should not push limits without a great amount of care and consideration for the well being of his/her submissive. Discuss limits with your partner and use your common sense.

5) Avoid Leather Butt: This is a condition created by damaging the nerves and skin on a certain part of the body, often the butt, that results in toughened skin, scar tissue and desensitization. Vary your spanking techniques, try different types of implements, and spank different parts of the body to avoid “leather butt”.